Millionaire Dating - Top 3 Sites Compared

Everyone wants to date a millionaire. They like the idea of having someone rich who can help to secure their future and provide them with everything they want. Unfortunately the internet is full of a variety of bad dating websites. This article will Serve to compare three of the top millionaire dating sites. Afterwards you will know which website to go to to get the man of your dreams.





Millionaire Match

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Millionaire Match requires that male users make $200,000 a year or more. For female users there only requirement is that they want to date men with verified income. Since 2001 Millionaire Match has been connecting rich men with very fun women. They claim that their member base has over 2.6 million users, almost double that of Established Men.

Members of Millionaire Match are verified by the company. That means that their income, profession, location, education, and more have all been vetted. This makes it safer and more secure for users who are looking for a real match. These verification services are provided free of charge so both free and gold members can have their accounts verified.

Many millionaire dating sites classify themselves as sugar daddy dating websites. Sugar daddy dating tends to be short term with the main benefits being sex and money. Millionaire Match is not a sugar daddy dating website, it is instead a website focused on creating lasting relationships between users.

You can sign up for Millionaire Match for free in order to view others profiles but like with Established Men your abilities on the website will be significantly hampered. You cannot send messages or even filter searches fully. A lot of people use the free membership to set up their profile and account before they start paying so that they can get the most out of their paid time.

A premium membership is required in order to use all features of the website. Premium memberships all you to send messages, winks, and on-site emails. You can also fully filter your search results. Premium memberships for Millionaire Match also have three billing options. You can pay $70 a month, $135 for three months, and $210 for six months. Unlike many dating websites though, you can earn bonus months for your membership as you use the website.

Many users want the ability to use their dating website on their phone. Millionaire Match offers both an iTunes App Store app and a Google Play app. That means you can use their app on both the Google Android infrastructure and the Apple iOS Infrastructure. Notifications, messages, and more will all be viewable from your phone.

Millionaire Match goes a step above and beyond by providing dating counselors to its users. This helps to ensure that you can get the match you are looking for and the website can gain another positive match.

Customer service on Millionaire Match is available 24/7. The support team can be reached by phone, email, or even live chat. This means that you can get a quick response and deal with any problems that you may encounter.



Established Men is a dating website for men of wealth and is considered to be a sugar daddy dating website rather than a millionaire dating site. It has been around since 2007 and currently has a user base of over 1.2 million accounts. 2015 saw a huge surge to the Established Men user base. The website has a fairly typical dating website look. User’s profile pages contain the basic information such as stats, a bio, and what they are looking for. It also contains a tab for photos and questions and answers.

Established Men is somewhat shy about giving away their statistics but their website states that they have more female users than male users. This is probably true since female users do not have to pay anything to sign up.

Setting up an account on Established Men is free, like most online dating websites. However, just like most online dating websites free does not last forever and does not get you far. Here are the features that a free member can use:

  • Search and browse profiles
  • See who is online or has been recently
  • Receive and send flirts
  • Receive but not read messages from other members
  • Request access to user’s private photo galleries
  • Favorite list other members
  • Report suspicious profiles
  • Send three free messages

Being able to read and reply to messages from other members is a key feature on a millionaire dating website. As such, it pretty much guarantees that in order to get the most from the website you will need to pay. Memberships can be purchased for 1 month, 3 months, or 12 months. A 1 month member ship costs $79. A 3 month membership costs $49/month. A 12 month membership costs $25/month. Female members can get free premium memberships. Premium memberships unlock all features of the website and include credits to use features that have limited access.

A fun feature of Established Men is the ability to leave voice mail messages for users. Voice mail messages ensure that no contact information needs to be exchanged in order for two people to hear each other’s voices. Contacting another member via the voicemail service costs 5 credits.



Millionaire’s Club

Millionaire’s Club 123

Millionaire’s Club 123 was founded by television dating star Patti Stanger. By far Millionaire’s Club is one of the more unique websites for millionaire dating on the internet. It has been around since 2000. Patti brings with her experience marketing and directing businesses along with the fact that she is a third generation match maker.

Instead of being a website where you browse through a large database and that is it, Millionaire’s Club 123 also has a strong focus on its other services. Even the base line membership comes with relationship counseling. Besides the four tiers of membership you can also add on additional services to help increase the chances of making a match.

There is no free way to browse the Millionaire’s Club 123 website. However, you can add yourself to the dating database for free. That means that users of the website can still see your information for a possible connection.

The website offers three tiers of membership. Each tier costs more but they all come with a full year of unlimited dating in both the United States and Canada.

Bronze memberships come with a 1 hour relationship counseling session. You also get owner Patti’s commandments of dating and steps to success. The price for this membership is $45 thousand dollars a year. You can put your account on hold for up to 2 months in case you go on vacation.

The silver membership comes with all of the features of the bronze package. It also includes several other one hour sessions. An hour with a dating coach, an image consultant, and a hypnotherapist. All of these features go to bettering your chances of finding a match both on and offline. This package costs $65 thousand a year.

A gold package entitles you to all of the previous features and more. You will also get a full hour of relationship counseling with Patti Stanger herself. This can be in person or via Skype depending on location and availability. Patti Stanger claims that she will also match you with the love of your life, personally. This package can be yours for $85 thousand a year.

The last package offered is the platinum package. This package includes all of the other features plus more. It is customized to meet your needs. The main additional feature you get is customized searches for a potential love. These searches are international. This package starts at $100 thousand a year but the price varies depending on what features you add.

Any package can have Patti Stanger’s mixer added on. This mixer will allow you to meet with many people in a very comfortable setting. The mixers are held in a variety of locations so there will never be one too far from you. The mixer costs $35,000 plus the cost of expenses. Expenses include hotel, food, and alcohol.

You can also add on features such as priority status and personal search. These features will better your chance of finding a match but have mixed reviews. Payment can be processed only by checks and wire-transfer. There are no refunds issued by Millionaire’s Club 123.




While most dating websites focus heavily on the individual finding the date there is a mixed reliance here. Both the match making service and the user are responsible for putting effort forth.

Whether you are looking for a sugar daddy or a long term relationship there is a millionaire dating website out there for you. The variety of websites that you can find will allow you to tailor the kind of search you want and can afford. Good luck on finding the match that is right for you.


RankLogoDating SiteFees/YearRatingContact
1Millionaire’s Club

Millionaire’s Club

$45,000Rated 5 stars Website
2Millionaire Match

Millionaire Match

$0.00Rated 4.5 stars Website
3Established Men

Established Men

$0.00Rated 3.5 stars Website