This is a limitation in how all-in-one computers are typically manufactured, so adding an external display may not be possible regardless of which USB video adapter is used. Internet Explorer 9 and later Note: How many adapters you can use depends on the SKU. Dell – external video adapter – black ABQN. Estimate the total price of this item. Use this USB 3. Reviews 0 Customer reviews.

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USB 3.0 VGA Display Adapter

Remove the check 30. the Enhance pointer precision box. If hardware acceleration is enabled on any of your software applications, it can result in poor resource management and limit the performance of your video device. You can check what video card you have in Device Manager under Display adapters.

If the display connected through your USB display adapter does not wake up after your computer has been in extended hibernation, it is likely that Windows has automatically turned off the USB Root hub to save power.

Applications Mirror or extend your desktop onto an additional display View large spreadsheets, or several spreadsheets, across multiple displays View data on multiple screens, such as newsfeeds and stock tickers.

The steps below outline how to configure the USB root hub to stay on during hibernation, to prevent this from happening. If the device is listed with an error, reinstall the drivers following the instructions on the website.


To do so, complete the following based on your operating system: This option is not available if Windows only detects a single monitor. Earlier versions of Internet Explorer do not use hardware acceleration. Contact the manufacturer of your system to confirm whether your specific model can support a secondary display or not.

Test each cable individually. To check to see if Windows is detecting the monitor using a computer that is running a version of Windows Vista, Windows 7, or Windows 8, do the following:.

USB VGA Display AdapterUSB Display Adapter-Magic Control Technology Corp.

If your control panel is set to category view select Switch to Classic View. When using multiple USB video adapters on the same computer, they need to use the same mft family. Click the General tab. Cart 0 Login Quick Buy.

People with similar interests viewed. How do I mirror my primary display onto my secondary display in Windows? Run multiple applications on different screens – check your email on one display and search the web uzb the other.

USB 3.0 to HDMI External Video Card Multi Monitor Adapter with 1-Port USB Hub – 1920×1200 / 1080p

Prior to installing this device, ensure that your operating system is up to date for example, you have installed the most recent service pack. Do not physically connect the USB video adapter to your computer until you are instructed to Step 5.


If this has not resolved your issue, refer to the following FAQ: What should I do? Video Cards top products.

You can test to make sure that the following components are working correctly and are not the source of the issue:. Un-check the box beside Extend my Windows desktop onto this monitor.

To determine the name of the chipset of your USB device, navigate to www. When you test your cables, it is recommended that you do the following: To confirm that Windows detects your USB device, complete the following: In the menu on the left side of the screen, mc Options.

Drivers for manufacturers MCT

In the list of extracted files, right-click the Setup. Once Windows has restarted, connect the USB video adapter to your computer. To check to see if Windows is detecting the monitor using a computer that is running a version of Windows XP, do the following:.

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