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There are two types for clutch: Setting error Input magnification of each axis is except 1 to Note-1 4 Motion operation cycle D After that, the status in 1 is established. CHGA , and turns off at the completion of the current value change. Set “0” as the first address of the unregistered cam No. Command signal This signal is only effective when the output module is a cam connected an address mode clutch or a rotary table, and it is used to specify the “0” reference position for the current value within 1 virtual axis revolution.

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The range of the servo program Kn used in the virtual mode must be set in advance. Error Cause Operation continues with the current cam No.

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This signal turns off in the following cases. Manual pulse generator Note: Exclusion of Loss in Opportunity and Secondary Loss from Warranty Liability Mitsubishi will not be held liable for damage caused by factors found not to be the cause of Mitsubishi; opportunity loss as-d777 lost profits caused by faults in the Mitsubishi products; damage, secondary damage, accident compensation caused by special factors unpredictable by Mitsubishi; as-f777 to products other than Mitsubishi products; and to other duties.

aas-d777 APP – 48 New Resetting is cancelled. This signal will not switch ON when JOG or speed control operations are started, or when they are stopped while in progress. However, if repairs are required onsite at domestic or overseas location, expenses to send an engineer will be solely at the customer’s discretion.


The following manuals are related to this product. Correct the error cause in the real mode, and switch to virtual mode again. However, a stop processing of ball screw axis is not executed. Do not ground commonly with other devices. During the external forced stop input off POINT 1 If the forced ae-d777 signal is input during positioning, the feed current value is advanced within the rapid stop deceleration time set in the parameter block.

Re-start operation after eliminating the cause of the error certainly. Real current value D1: To resume operation after that, follow the procedure below. Each axis Virtual mode M51200 is possible to set the smoothing possible to set the smoothing magnification.

The servo parameters are written to the servo amplifiers and the M-codes are cleared. Q bus WDT error 4: Switch automatically at the servo error detection. Without a speed change gear at the output side of the differential gear.

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With the lower stroke limit value lower dead point as the operation start position, positioning is executed by feeding one stroke amount per cycle in a fixed direction.


Securely fix the control unit and servo amplifier to the machine according to user’s manual, as-d77 the instruction manual for the product you are using. All other axes are synchronized with the virtual axis and are then stopped.

All D to D settings are normal.

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Example 1 Synchronous encoder connected to a drive shaft If an external input mode clutch is used, set all clutches connected to the synchronous encoder to the external input mode.

System Settings Used axis No. This section describes the ball screw operation and parameters required to use ball screws. Operation continues with limit switch output OFF. Status signal a This signal turns on when the home position return operation using the servo program has been completed normally. The present value will not be changed.

Even if the speed limit value is exceeded, it controls with the setting speed. ECT Open cable detection E. Servo parameter Servo parameter D read request axis read axis No. Do not connect a commercial power supply to the servomotor, as this may lead to trouble.

Designate 0 to 7FFFH points at the n5120 table.