If you are using Ubuntu or KX Studio, running things as root is done via sudo. I’ve sent two e-mails to this Moreno somebody in this thread mentioned. Just a note on the End of Support dates – those dates are how long Avid will supply parts and repair info etc, not how long drivers will be updated. You might be able to map the inputs to separate tracks using ardour. Then, I totally join tsoukadaris and gibbojim opinions. As it seems, all of you in Avid so called company are not polite enough to respond to a simple e-mail from a dissatisfied client. I saw some days ago that they released new drivers for compatibility with El Capitan, but seems that now have encountered some problems with the update

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I haven’t tested what this does with the output jacks on the back, but I would recommend anyone with issues to give patchage a try.

After a peak at the manual, it appears that this is a device whose value and price is based on the interaction of its DSP, it’s complex routing and fx software, and the hardware itself. The money we pay for your hardware and software is no good??? Is there already a possible release date for the new drivers?


Overview Topics Products People Change log. Avid, among others, make hardware that needs drivers. Either there is a new driver soon or we will change all of our avid Hardware what would be a pitty because I love how it works if it works.

Linux and Fast Track Ultra – Heikki Ketoharju

The key to this is virtualisation! Hmm, but you are in contact with Avid’s employees, aren’t you? It happens every year.

I will never consider to buy any product of these unprofessional companies. This is a monument of respect!!!


You’ll need to enable Javascript and cookies to participate. M-Audio Fast Track Pro. Athens, Greece ex Avid customer ” And the second: Is there a company named Avid???

If you’re expecting Avid’s interest or response through a moderator, good luck Anyways, I hope at least one lutra person here on in the thread has found this reply interesting.

Maybe I will go ahead and switch over to them. You don’t “release” a class compliant driver.

Linux and Fast Track Ultra

And unless it’s stated otherwise in the specs, Linux also doesn’t need drivers for these devices, most of the time. I guess it must be old driver install left it in there.

Just ask their dealers. Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you!! Its a way drivers are written and they have to be signed by Apple. Some had success with the Pro. Now, if you are using Gnome Alsamixer, first thing you should do is rename all the faders. You can interpret it how ever you wan’t, but at the end fawt the day Avid has specifically said what End of Support dates are for, and they aren’t for driver updates.


Which model of Focusrite do you have? I don’t think so, but any suggestions about this?

Very disappointed that the Join Date Aug Beans 1. Help get this topic noticed trsck sharing it on Twitter, Facebook, or email. I would like to see either that page honoured for driver support, or at least some basic info on how long drivers will be update for each device. It has to do with the chip that is inside the box and whether fats OS has the drivers for that chip baked in. I believe the ultimate solution for Avid I’ve sent two e-mails to this Moreno somebody in this thread mentioned.