Looking to the image in the post: If you enjoyed this post, please consider leaving a comment or subscribing to the RSS feed. I recently bought two of these adapter cables, both labelled differently, but using the same PCB with no opto-isolator fitted. Please make sure that you’ve entered a valid question. Windows 7 Hardware Compatibility https: Subscribe to our newsletter. I mean, seems like the input connector is soldered wrong from the factory, chances are the output is wrong too lol.

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MIDI in over USB problem

I have read through the article and the posts. Properties of diode and resistors I will take from Pierre secondary post. I changed the miri to PC, and it works fine! So it looks like it may be a Windows 7 config problem on my machine, and I’m hoping someone here can give me some advice on how to fix it.


Hello, thank you for the very informative post. Leave this field empty please: Did you have some problem to install it? It seems that it does not only violate MIDI specification absent opto-isolationbut corrupts SysEx messages sent via the converted as well. Usb midi cable driver issues.


My midi cable is also missing C1, C2, opto and R5. I have no idea how to figure out which one it could be. Hama Multi USB 2. A quick assembly on the breadboard and a bit of soldering for ground, 5V and data lines to get to this:. I am in a semi desperate position because i’m needing to do some tests on my computer, and i cannot logiink onto the vista computers.

Or, it has been suggested in other threads with somewhat similar looking symptoms, ksthunk.

LogiLink USB to Midi In-Out – MIDI adapter – USB: : Electronics

Thursday, October 10, I have just fixed mine. Office Office Exchange Server.

Got rid of the R11 Soldered opto-coupler in U1 and it was a perfect fit for the pinout. Don’t see what you’re looking for? Can you guys make a video about this please please keyman I have looked on the companies website and emailed them asking for them to send me drivers, but they simply stated that the issue is something else and sent me some crummy sound driver stuff to try and install, which did nothing.

And I am much happier the cable is more like the midi standard proposed by Dave Smith. GabyL, if ,idi remember correctly, MIDI signal blinks mean that the optocoupler is working the optocoupler output signal is generated successfullyso it might be something as simple as wrong cable soldering in the output connector.


I came from Poland and my english is poor. Can you please show a picture of your wiring?

That could be the problem on cheap interface. Going to connect my oscilloscope and check what happens to SysEx messages right now. Use a passive usb hub on those ports.

Usb midi cable driver issues – Components – Tom’s Hardware

Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. Wednesday, November 13, 9: So far, no amount of re-installation, event viewing, uninstalling devices, numerous reboots,etc has fixed it. PC to keyboard is okay, but keyboard to PC is not functioning. I cannot put images here.

What did you solder in D 1… it was cut out from my previous comment somehow. Thank you very much for posting both the maplin link and the photos — very useful.