Page When you are finished making changes, press the [Start] key. A signal used on the telephone line; used when calling on a push-button line or using push-button services. Letters can be typed in. Using the Key Pad, enter the 4- digit password, and then press the [Yes] key. Install the toner cartridge.

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Position the document to be faxed.

Length bizhub f ID, and then press the [Yes] key. Otherwise, manually adjusted reduction make a reduced copy with a ratio. Manual transmission is possible if a telephone either purchased or rented is connected to the TEL port of this machine.

Components And Their Functions 3. Page 6 Charging Input Mode Faxes Cannot Be Sent Page When separating the Toner Cartridge from the Drum Cartridge, do not tilt the cartridge, otherwise toner may spill.

In other words, the machine does not produce hazardous laser radiation. Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add. scannsr

Copyrighted works without permission of scsnner copyright owner In addition, it is prohibited under any circumstances to copy domestic or foreign currencies, or works of art, without permission of the copyright owner.


Press the [4] key 7 times. After the other fax transmission or reception is finished, check the amount of memory available, and then try sending the fax again. Load the desired paper into the tray. Pressing the [Start] key at this time will not immediately start the print cycle.


The administrator of this machine should be sure not to lose the administrator access number. Page Cartridge with the rail in the machine, and then install the cartridge.

Page 76 – Placing the Original on the Original Gla If direct transmission is specified while a fax is being sent or received, the transmission will be queued.

Replacing The Toner Cartridge Cartridge, and then pull it toward you to remove the cartridge. For The Bypass Tray Load the desired paper into the tray. Refer to the conversion rate below.

Konica Minolta bizhub 161f User Manual

Positioning Books Original Glass is bright, it is not a laser beam and, therefore, is not as dangerous. However, if the optional expansion memory is installed, up to scanned pages can be stored.


Page 12 Faxes Cannot Be Sent Note Incorrectly cleaning the Control Panel keys may damage them.

Continue with step 6. An unpleasant odor may, however, be detected in poorly ventilated rooms during extensive machine operations. The following procedure describes how to place an original and make a basic copy of it. New Jersey U.

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Inside The Machine 3. The machine automatically starts scanning the document and sending the fax. Black streaks appear through There is a problem with the Check that the machine can the print. Install the toner cartridge.

Setting The Zoom Ratio Make the other necessary settings.