So now i need to study the code and find out how i can let the project speak dutch! Under flash and than configure flash tools? By continuing to use our site, you consent to our cookies. At first i had some problems with the compiler in uVision but that is solved now! Thanks for the help i gave me a lot of new ideas. Find it and put it into the project.

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Thanks for all your ideas i had none! Copy-pasting them avoids typos like the above “reffer” instead of “referred”.

RDI debug option missing in Keil 4. I hope they can give me some answers. Tdi ten Broeke I tried to load blinky. Hi again and thanks for your help. When i load a. The blinky project is now working.

As flash programmer i now have luminary eval board standing. This feature works with But when re-build my project lnterface get an error. If you find something that is a show stopper for your work, you can copy the RDI driver from an old version into the segger folder and add a line in tools.


JTAG Interface of the ┬ÁVision Debugger

Note This message was edited to correct formatting. Does anybody know of this problem?

So programming is going oke, but i think the problem lies in creating a. I am pretty new to uvision and arm processors so you have to break everything in little steps for me.


I’m in the process of moving my project from Keil uVision v 3. A large number of pre-configured programming algorithms are included with the Keil tools. Tamir Michael well, if interfave cannot add a flash algorithm, you are unlikely to have your software uploaded correctly. Dan moet u even geduld hebben Thanks for your patients!

Read-Only Author nickbar kethef Posted Aug When I for an other issue contacted my local support they refered me to the forum for quick response. My problem then seem to be that I my choices for intdrface are: Yes, I see what you mean.

There isn’t the menu for using RDI Flash Programmer

This is the error: I managed to add the old RDI-driver but debugging won’t start this time either. Is there any way to get this working again or has RDI-debugging support been removed completely? I do not know how to select the correct target driver, maybe you can expend more about this? I can also use the flash programmer from luminary micro but that doesnt work. Project-dependant parameters may be passed to these utilities.


At least that is what uvision says to me when i start a debug session. Using a target driver to program the Flash memory of your embedded target system requires that you select the appropriate Flash memory and its physical address range.

I have a J-Link v 5. Hell the last woman I saw here was ms.