However, let me tell you its price, AED , and this alone changes everything. Development The unique form and shape of the Ikari Laser mouse took more than 15 months to perfect. SteelSeries feels their competition is doing things wrong, but does that mean they are doing things right? By Hardware Bistro on April 25, 90 Among all the computer hardware makers, SteelSeries is one of the quality producers where all of their products are come with high quality and well designs and this is same for Ikari Laser mouse too. All trademarks used are properties of their respective owners. Laser Sensor Samples per second:

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Its advanced curves make it adaptable to all forms of gaming whether they are fast or slow paced.

ExactSens provides you with sensitivity control allowing you to change settings from CPI in increments of 1. Found a bad link?

SteelSeries Limited Edition Sudden Attack Ikari Laser Mouse | eBay

This provides less stress on your joints and muscles for use over long iakri of time. The screen at the bottom is genuinely useful, if your in a middle of the game it is very easy to pause it, and adjust the CPI settings for the current profile you are on, without having to load up the options menus or even quit the game.

Driverless, Plug and Play The Ikari Laser is a driverless unit and has programmable on-board memory in its software, enabling the mouse to remember your personal settings. We have already discussed that this mouse does allow you to change the CPI settings on the unit itself and for it to store them but there are a lot more options available once the SteelSeries software has been installed.


By eTeknix on January 14, ikarl The Ikari Laser Mouse by SteelSeries has been available for some time but the interest in it has not decreased, a surprising feat for a standard looking mouse. On traditional mouse sensitivity 1.

By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. By Hardware Bistro on April 25, 90 Among all the computer hardware makers, SteelSeries is one of the quality producers where all of their products are come with high quality and well designs and this is same for Ikari Laser mouse too.

It may look a little plain from the outside, but SteelSeries’ Ikari Laser’s comfort, sensitivity and software make it the best gaming mouse This site uses cookies.

High-end gaming mice are a rage in the gaming fraternity. By Tech2 on November 10, 70 PerformanceSteel Series claims that the Ikari laser is not meant for FPS games as they say it might have tracking issues on faster hand movement.

We recommend to change glides regularly as lasfr eventually get worn down. Size and Weight Weight: Defniitely for the funny messages about your friends…but it is very limiting character wise: At the end of the day, this is an incredible mouse with the most useful feature set of any mouse Ive ever used. This is a winning feature especially if you attend LAN parties or use your mouse on different software and hardware platforms.

SteelSeries Ikari Laser Mouse Pro Professional Gaming Black Wired 62001

This laser is faster and more precise. I have almost gushed throughout the lsaer review, so you know I think the Steelseries Ikari is a fantastic mouse.


Naturally most people will make small diversions causing an uneven bump in what would otherwise be a straight line. You just plug it in and use it.

Be Social with eTeknix. This page allows us to choose what function each of the 5 buttons of the mouse will perform, giving you the option to assign Left Click, Right Click and Scroll Button.

January 14, at It is a mouse which A wonderful lassr for your loved one, or for yourself.

SteelSeries Ikari Laser (3713167) Mouse

While the Ikari may not be breaking any paradigms in terms of looks, SteelSeries has ijari several fundamental functions of mice and drastically improved them for gaming purposes. True 16 bit Lift distance: Here’s other similar drivers that are different versions or releases for different operating systems: The top finish is a comfortable hard plastic while the sides have a slightly more rubberized feel.

This screen allows you to adjust it, and to know what you’ve set it to without having to load up the software every time.

So it’s quite clear that the SteelSeries Ikari sailed through our testing with flying colours and performed exactly as expected. Laser Sensor Samples per second: This lawer ensures that users are able to make or draw completely straight lines.