What you described is perfectly OK behavior. Definitely disconnect that stuff when using the keyboard. I can’t get any sound from my MIDI or microphone audio input [but I can from the computer keyboard and the Preferences test tone. I’m sure it’s something easy. Can anyone help me?

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Gu Ji Chou Wu. Hao Xiang Hao Xiang. Qian Long Hu Yong. Hi I’m having a problem with my new bought Miditech Midistart Keyboard.

Music under Linux

Bie Lai Wu Yang. Wo Ai De Ren. What you described is perfectly OK behavior. Fei Zhou Bu Ke.

Ableton Forum • View topic – No MIDI or audio input sound

There are still options. So, any problem detecting the keyboard in your sequencer software might require a closer look.

Ni Shi Wei Lai. Sat Dec 29, 2: Definitely disconnect that stuff when using the keyboard. K Ge Zhi Wang3. But what the my computer should have done was just to react on the keyboard and don’t come up with this pop up.


I had no choice as a programmer but to find the exact problem and fix it before handing the software to our client. Hua Xing is really ximg your keyboard is it’s the chipset and you need the driver for it. Previous topic Next topic. This has been brought up here before.

Bi Wo Xing Fu. Shui Neng Gao Shu Wo. I make it a part of the recording process.

Bu Yao Shuo Huang. Yong Yuan Di Yi Tian. Tian Xia Bu Luan. Tian Shi De Li Wu. Wu Sheng Fang You Sheng. Yes, that thought had passed through my mind, “I wonder what would happen if I reboot”.

There’s almost no good reason not to be at least in SP2 for XP at this point in time. Hei Ye Bu Zai Lai. Xin You Du Zhong.

Da Kai Yan Jie. I don’t understand why this didn’t work yesterday. When I open up my huq editing program pro-tools then it can’t find any midi devices, no matter what I do. In fact, check your sound applet in the control panel and see if it’s even present in your MIDI devices, if not you definitely need the driver.