Only one way to find out. Sealed basket affords this speaker cabinet independence. As such, rules and standards of conduct will be applied that help keep this forum functioning as the owners desire. That could be cool as they are traditional guitar cabs rather than monitors. Nyt vanhan 84m2 tston kaikki kamat on sullottu uuteen 57m2 tilaan ja kaaos sen mukainen. BETA-8A Recommended for professional audio mid-bass applications or as a woofer in vented enclosures.

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I also use the Beta CX, 2. I lined the inside with thin laver of fiberglass batting found at Lowes. Kaikkia kolmea kaiutinta leimaa yksi yhteinen hieno piirre. Mahtuisiko Satasen satsi suljettuna?

Eminence BETA-12CX — Thoughts and ideas

We work diligently to provide tools, which we hope will help you pick your sound. I love Micks designs at Xitone, but for now this is doing the trick! Recommended for professional audio, bass guitar, mid-bass or floor monitor applications in sealed enclosures.


Aug 3, Messages: Akustinen perustekin on olemassa. Vahvistimena toimii halppis yamaha. Uudella jakosuotimella uskaltaisin sanoa 10CX: Jos on niin paljonko hinta nousee? I did see the info on the Eminence site, but it’s actually hard to find the CX specs there.

It has 2 port holes but I also left the horn cavity open. Riippuu tietysti autosi takakontin koosta. I think Mick has used these in some of his cab offerings.

Sen sijaan litrainen refleksikotelo ei ole BetaCX: Kaiutinrakennusohje Piste – 8- ja tuumaiset hifi-PA-koaksiaalit. En osaa kokeilematta sanoa. Toinen napa oikosulkee bassopiirin 0.

Ja laita vaimennusaine koteloihin. I wonder if a GM50 will fit in the back of the Crates? Suotimien elektrolyytitkin ovat aina bipolaarisia. Mites alas semmoiset toistaa betx

Tarkoitus olisi rakentaa metrin korkeat lattiamallit. Then I saw this thread. Pair 2 are Crate slightly over-sized semi-open back guitar cabs. Onko tulossa parempia vaihtoehtoja Eminenceille? Cool, thanks for responses guys. Currently they have G’s in them.


Eminence BETACX — Thoughts and ideas | Fractal Audio Systems Forum

Tarkoitus on nauttia musiikista ja kuunnella televisiota. As such, rules and standards of conduct will be applied that help keep this forum functioning as the owners desire. Guitar Speaker Tonal Characteristics and Application Guide Eminence strives to be the cutting edge in guitar speaker manufacturing.

Rajusti liian pieni kotelo nostaa tasoa sinne hertsiin saakka. Mar 20, Messages: Kasasin rohkeuteni ja ostin Eminencen 8CX” setin Ultratonilta.