Check that you have a 4x or wider PCI-E slot at least version 2. The size and aspect ratio of the produced images can be adjusted and the application performs bilinear or bicubic interpolation in order to improve the quality. For some reason it had a european plug on the PSU. Videos presenting sequences of unwrapped omnidirectional images taken from the COLD database can be downloaded here , here and here. I tried a copying 1TB data from one drive to another. It would obviously be neat if I could put another drive or something in there, There were murmurings of express card ssd’s but no solid results.

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This has been a perfect example of “Buy cheap, buy twice” I hope whoever is responsible for this card has a massive and irrecoverable I. Driver Download ver 3.

After 18 to 72 hours it completely locks up my server and, because the USB ports also stop working, the freeze requires a hard reset. Works perfectly under Windows.

Best Rated in RAID Controllers

I bought this card and now I can run my DVD writer and the old hard disk for data storage as well. Otherwise, just your typical USB 2. As the rates of identity theft increases, more and more companies are turning to smart technology to secure their networks.

ThinkPad buyer’s guide for n00bs.


The highly integrated solution not only provides customers with greater design flexibility, but can actually improve the wireless experience for consumers. I would recommend creating a bootable “Maxview storage manager” USB drive instructions on Adaptec web site and using this to create the array. I initially purchased he corresponding Adaptec cable to connect to sATA drives. Works like a dream Just want I needed!


EC230 (SD / SDHC / SDIO Card Reader)

Not all systems support x2 pci-e. You can easily add USB 3. Download, installation and usage instructions for both Linux and Limux can be found below. Comes with both half-height and full-height brackets and all screws needed to mount the drives.

Packaging all good, as it was delivered ecc230 an Amazon box one does not get all the extra boxes and bubble wrap. The connected drive was seen immediately after the driver was installed.

The hardware is plug and play and best to configure at the hardware level rather than in windows anyway. Still working perfectly with no problems. My second one of these.

For some reason it had a european plug on the PSU. Plugged this in and the new drive was recognized by Windows immediately but had to linkx it with disk management tools, as usual. Great card for port-multiplier enclosures. Apparently this is allowed by the PCI-e specification. Initial problem, but not the card’s fault. These products are shortlisted based on the overall star rating and the number of customer reviews received by each product in the store, and are refreshed regularly.


However, the Marvell drivers are quite poor and lead to frequent bug-checks after about 6 hours of heavy use, or every other day under normal use and data loss. My second card has a raid 10 with 4 x GB hybrid drives. Having a need for an additional SATA port for linnux Media PC I dropped this card in, from the moment I installed the card the system began suffering random crashes and the BluRay drive connected to this lunux failed to read any type of disc.

Installed card on motherboard without connecting to SSD, then booted. From the keyboard to high throughput disk drives, various devices are able to libux this low-cost interface for Plug and play connection running smoothly, users without spending too much effort on linud.

There are no specific drivers for Windows 10, simply generic MS storage controller drivers dated Small and easy to setup Nice addition to motherboard with out sata3 Main issue for me was accidentally formatting a drive 1tbwirh every thing lost via its webui with hybrid ssd.

The source code can be downloaded either as a tar.