Where can you buy a new laptop D: Worked like a charm. I was so happy because it took them 9 days to order it and service my laptop. However i believe i have found a solution, my dvd works perfectly right now. Can you please help me? I have a toshiba m40 m45 in the states jm

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It says driver file might be courrpt or missing. Its just a month old.

the missing icon for the MATSHITA DVD-RAM UJS

They reply that they can’t do that while my laptop is under waranty. Hello Vasja Many people evd on this forum have reported about strange issues after installing Alcohol software. Wow, two years with no other solution other than banging the bottom of your laptop below the multidrive yes, I tried that too, to no avail. Did you already tried Verbatim and TDK?? Now it rarely detects the DVD Ram drive! I need to report this. Mine svd messing up too.

MATSHITA DVD-RAM UJ-841S Firmware 1.70 download

I see xaver, but I used Alcohol to make backup image files of my original game DVDs as they don’t come cheap and I don’t like them to get damaged. And the discs can be burned 16x at 2 other pcs Worked like dbd charm. It is really not easy to understand what is wrong there. To join the discussion, please login or register.


Hello Friend, Was pulling my hair off searching for a cure to my problem… Tried your solution. Do you know any other software to use for making images? Dd tryed now to burn CD with Nero at speed 8 and it failed.

However i believe i have found a solution, my dvd works perfectly right now. How do u prevent this from happening again…this is the 3rd time its happened in 3 months. After this it has started to only be detected after a dvf restarts.

Can you please help me? Thanks a million, Diane. Thanks for you help Mark. I’ve destroyed now 2 more blank CDs, trying to write with Sonic Recordnow.

It would freeze and keep spinning and would require manually rebooting. It has worked for about 3 months and then just stopped being detected by my computer. Hope this helps someone else out there. If it tried to read a um, it might load the menu but would then just freeze and require rebooting.


Where can you buy a new laptop D: Don’t know how 841a make Nero work. It is really bad to hear you have problems with optical disc drive.

TOSHIBA Firmware Update needed for DVD-RAM Mat****a UJS in Satellite M – TOSHIBA FORUM

I hope this will solve my troubles. Hello, I have a Toshiba Satellite notbook…I am having several problems with it for the past few days. My first UJS died, it stop reading any kind of media and I couldn’t burn anything.

Vasja Message was edited by: All of sudden the sound quality was very poor and playback was slow. Now it dam well, but I got troubles with burning.