I used my first writer “a toshiba” for 6 months before it died. Was posting recemtly to a Standalone DVD recorder I recently bought, thought I’d check to see if any of my issues were resolved. Comments posted by Steve from United States, November 29, It has been an excellent burner. Both of my Sony burners are going into the trash. That alone screams POS! E01 comments, 1 good , 0 mixed , 0 poor.

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Sony DRU-530A

AF1 comments, 1 good1 mixed0 poor. It produces alot of skipping, fru exactly coasters but just annoying skipping. Rated dgu writer 2 of E01 comments, 1 good0 mixed0 poor. Looks like the CD laser crapped out. I was vvd it’s probably incompatibility issues at first, but I’ve tried it with several DVD players Samsung, Panasonic, Sonystill the same results. How to apply color correction using the Gradie Link connection some standalone desktop dvd recorder supports this also but then it is usually to connect your DV camera to the recorder Rating The first rating is based on a weighted rank the true Bayesianit requires at least 5 votes to get a weighted rating.


I exchanged it for a new one, got the same results. Protected Disc Tests 7.

Write quality is good with firmware 2. I upgraded the firmware to 2. I got rid of it and went for the Pioneer in the end. Guess I need a new computer. I went through 3 drives in the first move.

Samsung Releases New Flash Laptop. I have had this burner for about a year. Most of which failed it also failed to notice they were 4x. Upgraded the firmware and bought some Datawrite Ritek. They said that their DVD burners have issues with Roxio software. Galaxy Vvd, 5G, Folding Phones.

Sony DRU Specs – CNET

Bellow are presented the specifications for the drive, as they have been declared ddru the manufacturer:. Burned a few coasters figuring it all out but now the thing works great!!!

Stupid me for 5300a too much loyalty to Sony video equipment, and not replacing these burners sooner. This feature includes Sanyo’s well known Burn-Proof technology. Thought I had posted here before, guess not.


I will never buy another Sony product again!

Both of my Sony burners are going into the trash. I Upgraded again to 2. I used my first writer “a toshiba” for 6 months before it died. The writer burns fine till you try to view the movies on your DVD player.

Data CD Reading Tests 3. I used LiquidVideo media and had percent of the dvd’s burn a good movie.

Sony DRU-530A 8x Internal Dual Format DVD -RW DriveB00011R3N0 Review

Web page addresses and e-mail addresses turn into links automatically. AZ1 comments, 1 good0 mixed0 poor. I would recommend this burner!!!!!!