Is there a way of killing a remote control session remotely? From the Standard bar, click New Query. Open the Programs and Features. Hello, I hope this is in the right place. User returns from being away from their desk and logs in to the device. I have uninstalled and re-installed the client as well. Nvidia or AMD seems to make no difference.

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Well the first question is why would the mirror driver not work faster, given that is what lanedsk is supposed to achieve? Has anyone else noticed these issues?

I upgraded to SP 5 and the problem still persists.

Disabling or Removing the LANDesk Remote Contro | Ivanti User Community

Browse the Latest Snapshot. Is it possible to start a remote control seesion on a PC without a console installation.

They do not have admin rights on their own workstations and they are getting the following error when they try to remote a machine here. By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. We are currently using LDMS with the following remote control permission settings: Many people may be very familiar with these two uninstall ways, otherwise, the complete removal does not accomplish after performing the above instructions, as we have mentioned above, associated components of LANDesk Remote Control Mirror Driver application are not cleaned up thoroughly, so after that, you should go to check and remove all of leftovers manually.


It works fine at a seperate core, on a seperate domain. You just have to launch “install. Another example is if you are using Window Eplorer to browse to a location it will take about seconds to show what you are typing. Hopefully this is the best way for you to learn the whole cleaning process. We consistently have to fallback to other remote control methods to help users remotely on our team.

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User permissions are unchanged and appropraitely applied. Are you connected remotely to this system?

Provide you with professional uninstall guides and advanced removal technologies with simple operations. All of these applications will be located in the C: Is there something I am missing? For whatever reason, it thinks it’s rendering with that mirror driver. Is there a way to manually download disxble install the program for Internet Explorer and not just for Mozilla browsers?

How You Can Safely Uninstall LANDesk Remote Control Mirror Driver – Removal Tutorials

So suggestion what needs to be done are highly appreciated. I am running 8.

Is this information stored in a text file? I’ve noticed it twice now in about a month.


Any log backups taken on the principal database after mirroring was removed must all be applied to the mirror database before you can restart mirroring. After upgrading to Windows 7 RCIE8 will no longer install the files needed to use remote control.

How can Uninstall LANDesk Remote Control Mirror Driver – Windows Error Repair Instructions

Current LANDesk version used: Remote Control ask permission. Should the scope be ‘refreshing’ itself at a specific interval?

When typing credentials, the username or password ‘dots’ appear instantly on the client being controlled, however the screen refresh on the viewer can take several seconds.

Due to a database issue we were advised to create a new database by support, as our core server was out of warranty we opted to build a new core instead. This can happen on machines that are on the same subnet as the current remote management console as well. Windows 7 Pro with autologin on a local account. Viewing a locked screen User returns from being away from their desk and logs in to the device.