The control of the mouse is much more accurate and easier then I thought it would be. In short, this is an excellent system to showcase Microsoft’s Media Center application. At a touch of the button, MediaDirect created by CyberLink will launch almost instantly and one can access your files through this interface. You are commenting using your WordPress. Other than the delay, the remote itself has performed great and all for less than the cost of the Movea remote. Other than the wireless mouse controls that the remote offers, one nice feature of the remote is the ability to control Windows Media Player WMP while your display is off. Dell XPS 13 review:

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However, you could still fall back on the gyroscopic mouse on the remote and the more typical wireless keyboard and mouse combo if necessary.

I just checked the invoive and it does list the part as CX Then it just says the USB port is drawing too much power. Femote we liked best is its LCD screen for navigation and playback of music. Dell XPS 13 review: With the exception of the TV, all the functions one expect from a media center application is found.

It also works as a great TV remote so instead of 10 remotes, we only need this one. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Yeah the Dell receiver link is long gone?

This is the best remote control for a computer I have ever used.


We were able to navigate through Windows Media Center effortlessly with the remote and even our jaded selves were impressed by the flawless integration between the application and the remote. If you do buy the remote on eBay be aware that the remote will only work with the RH card.

A point of delo is the remote control that Dell supplies with the M I purchased the wireless card from the dell outlet store part number YY and the remote control from eBay. However for the less picky, its stunning screen helps to redeem it to a certain extent.

Dell M2010 Media Center MCE Gyration Multimedia Remote CX071

Dell have also included a wireless mouse for dfll on a desk or tabletop. It is the best MCE remote I have used. From here you can view songs by album or artist and even access your playlist.

If Microsoft is not to your liking or you feel that Windows is taking too long to start up, you can alternatively play back your media files through Dell’s MediaDirect software. Must be they only stock one at a time or something.

Dell M Media Center MCE Gyration Multimedia Remote CX | eBay

I am using Vista ulitmate Please help…. When we asked [Greg] at Gyration for some help on this project he explained to us that the M remote will only bind RF Connect with the Dell RF module due to the way Dell has chosen to write its drivers; the remote will not work with any of their standard RF receivers.

I purchased both the dongle yy, from dell and the remote from Ebay. Furthermore, the presence of an integrated LCD on the remote for audio femote means that you can view your songs, artists and album via the remote and select your music.


Dell XPS M2010 Wireless Remote Control Adapter Card Board and Cable Yy993

Sadly enough the remote control cannot be purchased separately and is only available with the M To allow for this versatility the cursor keys have been sacrificed in favour of a glide pad. I initially plugged the device into my pc and windows recognized it for a couple of seconds. Anyone have a PN or something maybe we can call it in? Like a lot of modern households, mine has switched to a PC based entertainment center. The dongle still seems to be available if you call dell direct for replacement parts, albeit at Notify me of new comments via email.

By Frank Everaardt Thursday October 19, All the peripherals use Bluetooth and the rmeote keyboard is attached to its dock by magnetics. Once we received our board we began to strip the wires rell the included connector and paired it with our USB cable using the following: Even with its massive form factor, Dell was rempte to squeeze everything in.

In short, this is an excellent system to showcase Microsoft’s Media Center application. The receiver was the USB type so no wiring was involved.