Technical Regulations For Terminal Equipment Fax Rx Result Reports Precautions When Turning Power Off FAX Operation Advanced Program Dial You can register transmission requirements such as the other party to which you send originals and transmission time as a program. What Is Network Fax Operation At The Sending System

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Registering Permit Fax No What Is Network Fax Fax Operation advanced By setting a toll free number and an area code to a chain number, you do not need to enter such numbers for each olivetti d copia mf.

The manufacturer reserves the right to carry out modifications to the product described in olivetti d copia mf manual at any time and without any notice.

If the current time is incorrect, the communication cannot be performed correctly at the specified time. 3004mf of contents Table Of Contents Cancelling Direct Transmission D-copai Automatic Reception Changing And Deleting Registration Contents Setup And Registration Selecting Type Of Characters Date And Time Entry Media Type For Print Output No special operation is required when receiving faxes.


Print All At Once [batch Print] When there are originals in the Sub Address Boxes, the number of pages is displayed. You can also use this procedure to rename files. When the conversation is over, follow steps 1 to 2 above.

Character Entry Method Network Compatibility Declaration Fax Rx Result Reports Fax Operation basic Duplex Print Output Selection Of Transmit Terminal Identification tti D-copiq changing the destination information in the Address Book, the information registered to the One- touch key is updated. Setting 3004kf Restriction Preparation Before Use The list can be printed when user login has been enabled and the machine is logged in with administrator privileges.

The job is canceled. Print Setting You can set whether the machine should print received originals when forwarding them. Registering An Encryption Key Original Size Selection Precautions When Turning Power Off Page 83 — deleting originals after printing from a Page Setup and Registration When the call is from a telephone Lift the handset and speak with the other party. Operation At The Sending System Setting The Tti Information