Return to General Old Hardware. This conversation is currently closed to new comments. This disclaimer is brought to you thanks to the BSA. This card was made around the 31st week of as shown on the card. As you can see, it came with the CTA-S mixer chip, which is what makes this particular card a rarity because the majority of these cards had the original, but noisier CTA chip. Back to Windows Forum 6 total posts Page 1 of 1.

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As for VoiceAssist, I eventually did manage to get it after someone gave me a copy of the retail SB16 disks that came with it. It wasn’t cheap to me back in those days because I was in high school and using only my allowance money!

So why did I want this useless crap to begin with? I used that card for a while, solely to use the CD audio pass through out the jack and patching it into my CT because it only had one CD audio input and I didn’t know enough about electronics then to hack my own multi CD cable. There is no material that is knowingly illegal here. Many files are dated July This conversation is currently closed to new comments.


Creative Labs CT6850 Video Driver

Last edited by TheMAN on This disclaimer is brought to you thanks to the BSA. There was a time, where it was not about creqtive cards speeds, but also V.

Thank god for the “disable” jumper setting for the IDE controller. This site hosts no abandonware. Last edited by elianda on This thread makes me wonder who has the biggest collection of unique CT numbers, duplicates don’t count. Voodoo2s aren’t mhz stock Geforce isn’t released as a beta on New Years ’99 under the Quadro brand DOS gaming isn’t a bilinear x I feel sorry for him, for “upgrading” once I found out how much worse the AWE64 was. Card works, but noisy as typical of all early sound blasters.

Creative Labs CT driver – Creative Labs Video Drivers –

I don’t think they sold much of any of those kits, making it even more rare than the Sound Blaster Easy 16, which was an external multimedia kit. A family friend got this for me. Yup, instead of Cakewalk, I got games.

Where’s the Modem Blaster? I think it was due to slow crestive they did that. I think it was somebody else who threatened to sue before they got their asses together to make more of these to ship out as evidenced by the newer Creative style manual and floppy disk. But, I was happy to find out that QSound made a difference in gaming back in the 90s, and later on with MP3s.


Creative 3D Blaster Savage4 graphics card – Savage4 Pro – 32 MB

Back to Windows Forum 6 total posts Page 1 of 1. I thought they were something mystical but it turns out they were just some crappy overpriced capture cards. It just made things sound a little better with those crappy computer speakers.

But hey, it’s nice to own a rare piece of PC history So how much I paid for it? So no stupid ass CTCM bullshit setup issues. This was one of the last non-PnP ccreative Creative made.

It turned an already noisy card to a water fall! Interestingly, they mailed another one of these to me a couple of months before. Wonder if it all still works Any of you who have this, will know what I am talking about. It is often not about usefulness.