The envjs gem only supports Ruby 1. Base, it does not however have to inherit from this class. This browser log gathering method is also provided from Selenium driver. Install as a gem: Please create a topic branch for every separate change you make. Since the RackTest driver works directly agains the Rack interface, it does not need any server to be started, it can work directly work against any Rack app. Capybara aims to simplify the process of integration testing Rack applications, such as Rails, Sinatra or Merb.

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Actions You can interact with the webapp by following links and buttons. Pull requests are very welcome and even better than bug reports!

File: README — Documentation for capybara ()

You can place hook logic anywhere under Capybaras support folder. When issuing instructions to cwpybara DSL such as: Challenges begin when you have to iterate through the log array and remove unnecessary information, such as warnings and info messages. Poltergeist uses PhantomJSso we need to start by downloading the binary bit or bit cqpybara putting it in our path. Unfortunately, this makes them much, much slower than when you were running the tests using rspec.

Javascript Testing With Capybara and Cucumber

Often you’ll want to run only some scenarios with a driver that supports JavaScript, Capybara makes this easy: The Selenium wiki has additional info about how the underlying driver can be configured. For example, if your classes derive from ActionDispatch:: Feature can also include optional description, ejv is meant to help understand the context.


It’s common practice to mock out the Time so that features that depend on the current Date work as expected. Note that Culerity does not seem to be working under Ruby 1. There are special methods for restricting the scope to a specific fieldset, identified by either an id or the text of the fieldet’s legend tag, and to a specific table, identified by either id or text of the table’s caption tag.

See the section on Asynchronous JavaScript for details. You might want to switch off Capybara’s rack server if you are running against a remote application: Capybara-webkit is also headless and relies on QtWebKit to render pages.

HtmlUnit There are three different drivers, maintained as external gems, that you can use to drive HtmlUnit: You can ca;ybara it with: You can specify an optional match option which will automatically use the selector if it matches the argument:. Install celerity as noted above, and make sure that JRuby is in your path.

Source hosted at GitHub.

Adding Browser Logs to your Capybara/Cucumber UI Test Report – TestDevLab Blog

These elements all have all the Capybara DSL methods available, so you can restrict them to specific parts of the page: It uses WebKitQt to start capygara rendering engine process. Access to Rails specific stuff such as controller is unavailable, since we’re not using Rails’ integration testing.


Given, Then, And, But are just Cucumber acceptance test format keywords.

Celerity only runs on JRuby, so you’ll need to install the celerity gem under JRuby: It will also detect and report any Javascript errors that happen within the page.

One such plugin is Timecop.

You can adjust how long this period is the default is 2 seconds:. Please direct questions, discussion or problems to the mailing list. RackTest RackTest is Capybara’s default driver. It also exposes an API to tweak those drivers with whatever settings you want, or to add your own drivers.

It can execute JavaScript as well.

Test, beware if attempting to visit absolute URLs.