They all use the same background graphic, so this is already addressed. The LinkTheatre works well on my I originally used email. Retrieved from ” http: I have ignored the ‘high’ files in the article, but changes to standard menus could equally apply to the high def set.

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Retrieved from ” http: I originally used email. This was a simple task – editting top. In a similar way to the top menu, each of the Photo, Music and Video header html files need to be updated to introduce the new menu entry. This ;cast displayed when you point your web browser to the linkstation, but meta-tags within the html cause the LinkTheatre to use to tv. You can check your progress using the LinkTheatre, but may have to go to the ‘Log In’ screen using the ‘Home’ button on the remote and re-select the LinkStation to see the updated menus.

I have ocast various changes, and installed some additional packages, but these are not relevent to the PCast functionality.

Buffalo Technology PC MV 72 DX U 2 USB 2.0 Video Capture Device With Pcast Support

They all use the same background graphic, so this is already addressed. Alternatively, you can point a browser to h ttp: The spelling of the directives is rather strange. It looked like it would be possible to change the PCast html files stored on the LinkStation bufalo extend the menus and functionality of the LinkTheatre.

The LinkTheatre works well on my Adding a menu entry produces a new navigatable link, but there is a standard background graphic that contains the depiction of 4 buttons, on which the menu option text is overlaid the main menu plus the three media functions.


In fact this intrigue even caused me to buy a LinkTheatre to satisfy my curiosity – I didn’t have one already!! The colours apparently refer to buttons on the remote control of some Syabas devices, but the LinkStation remote doesn’t actually have the coloured buttons itself.

I was concerned about the bandwidth requirements for video, but this appears to be largely unfounded, and I use a variety of video formats including mpeg, DivX, XviD, mp4 and VOBs. The first step I bbuffalo in extending the functionality available to the LinkTheatre pcsst to add a fifth entry to the main menu. Personal tools Log in. This is what I included it’s just another row in the left hand side table.

Internal validation of STRmix™ – A multi laboratory response to PCAST.

PCast does not provide any facility for dynamic updates to web pages other than that built into the PCast executable – see bufffalo reference section. I have ignored the ‘high’ files in the article, but changes to standard menus could equally apply to the high def set. The HTML code indicates that the Red button on a remote performs this function, but the LinkTheatre remote doesn’t have the equivalent of the red button it does have the equivalent of the other three, but they are not actually coloured – they have the video, music and picture icons on them.

It is therefore necessary to dynamically recreate the HTML if you wish to inject other live content into the LinkTheatre pages.

Buffalo pcast Sintonizador De Tv E Vídeo Captura MV1 PC-SMP2E/U2 Com Suporte & Antena | eBay

To create the new button background image it is a simple task to copy the tv. However to retrieve information from other systems it is necessary to install some additional software – such as an ftp client, telnet or netcat. The standard four are ‘home’ and buttons to select the video, image and music content.


The user interface is browser based, taking content from the media server the LinkStation in this case so displaying menus is not instantaneous. Each of these three buttons invoke the same unknown, because of the templating system PCast function with a filter parameter to list the appropriate type of media. The OpenLink firmware includes cron which can be used to schedule automated updates. Inside the template html files a number of PCast specific directives can be used.

On the LinkTheatre there’s a ‘go back’ function akin to a go back in a web browser, but there is no easy way to navigate up a level when browsing directories.

Pcast and dlna settings | Buffalo Technology TeraStation HS-DTGL/R5 User Manual | Page 56 / 84

Note that there is also a background. To simplify the interpretation, the following list provides the principle meaning of budfalo phrases used in the directive names:.

Originally by Mike Smith from linkstationwiki. See the Automation section for a way to avoid this. There is a checkbox in the LinkTheatre ‘setup’ menu to select the higher resolution menus.