And they pretty much all have 32 megabytes of video memory, though some pricey units have 64Mb, which can actually make a difference in games with tons and tons of texture data, but still often doesn’t. But as built-in video capture goes, the V’s is fine. You’re unlikely to choose the standard sound that comes with the program, which is far too quiet and practically incomprehensible. Whatever way you get your video, you can hack it around in Ulead VideoStudio v4. So you’re stuck with ASUS’ drivers.

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por But you lose image quality. The lower the resolution, the smaller the Ultra’s advantage. But there’s not even a sniff of the actual numbers, and no information on the test aaus, beyond a strangled “16x12x32” legend that, I presume, means the tests were run in by in 32 bit colour. The same concerns x 32 bpp. And some have, well, everything. That’s why one may to expect a performance gain when setting the board at higher frequency.

Partly because the support software had incompatibilities galore and a lousy interface, and partly because of the clunky glasses, which despite their little foam nose pads tend to be quite uncomfortable, difficult to line up with the eyes, and a lot heavier than Buddy Holly’s nerdiest frames.

The smaller the file, the lousier the quality. System memory bus free to perform other functions. There’s also E-Color’s 3Deep gamma correction software, which gives you more flexibility than usual in tweaking the brightness curves of your 3D games.

ASUS V Deluxe 32MB GeForce2 GTS

And it means that 64 MBytes memory size can suit already to some games. For you to rpo we give the graphs of 2 more videocards: The VD looks significantly different, with plenty of extra componentry to support the extra ins and outs. You can’t lean to one side and see behind something – the images wsus stay exactly the same regardless of your real line of sight to the screen – but there genuinely is more object position data being pumped into your brain.


Because it’s impossible to make an LCD blackout shutter that blocks light well enough to completely occlude the view of the monitor, there’s always a ghost of the other eye’s view reaching each eye when it shouldn’t, resulting in a triple-image effect where dark ghosts of objects hover on either side of them. The seven pin combination video input works in the same way as similar combination output connectors on other cards.

Cranking up the core speed doesn’t make a lot of difference, without the RAM bandwidth to push all of those zillion-pixel frames onto the screen.

Since Video Security only works on Windows 98, it’s hardly the sort of thing you’d want to trust your life to.

ASUS AGP-V7700 Deluxe GeForce2 GTS graphics card

Overclocking Like pretty much every other current video card, you can run the V Deluxe faster than stock speed. Well, we’ll check it. Note that at these frequencies in overclocking mode the card from ASUSTeK worked with minimum additional cooling in the system block we mounted only one additional fan. Balanced design increases overall system performance. But if you want all of the extras at a surprisingly good price, ASUS’ flagship card could be just what you’re after.

It makes it easy to push your memory speed up until you start seeing the white-pixel-snow of RAM chips screaming for mercy, and to increase your core speed until you get the Superman-on-bad-acid graphic glitches that indicate when the tiny plate-juggling goblins inside the card are starting to lose their grip on the china. Fancy features OK, let’s get the shiny bit out of the way. And it’s still not a professional package – don’t be surprised if a frame or three gets dropped every time Windows decides to have a peek at its swap file.


Users can define the response procedures once any unusual condition is detected. You don’t need a super-card to do DVD playback, by the way.

Full speed dual-texture pixel-fill capacity. Of cause, as you can see, that performance level of GeForce2 Ultra remains unachievable here. But according to NVIDIA’s press release, Ultra boards will v700 come with 64Mb of RAM, which is bad news for anybody who doesn’t normally have trouble squeezing their wallet shut around their giant wad of cash.

In Quake3 in bit color asue only at x and higher you can see the real performance, and at lower aeus you will see that the system is set against the CPU performance. This Taiwanese manufacturer has excelled in semiconductor market in the past year, with such releases as the CUSL2, which was one of the first motherboards to be based on Intel’s iE chipset.

Detects and monitors any environmental deviation from the user-configurable norm. The V Deluxe will work fine with reference drivers, but some or all of its fancy extras will be lying fallow. Also take look on this and this article for additional information about GeForce 2 series.