While Microsoft offers online “Windows Update”, those who don’t use it regularly may find getting their computer patches with all the fixes may take hours to download. So, why is it on Windows Update? All of the sudden, the upgrade is not even ‘coming soon’ anymore. I’m intending to write more about the change – for now, let me say that I’ve spent hours and hours to move and configure the site and I’m sure there are some things that haven’t been fixed – but most things, including ad-free Premium Access should be working If you are running Vista with a dial-up modem, please send me your feedback and experiences. It’s probably not a good deal for you: The Smartlink website www.

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New other see details. An archive of Diamond Supra modem drivers is provided on the site. Most of the modems sold in will be softmodems.

The driver available from Modemsite does support modem-on-hold. This technique may work for other XP bit modem drivers as well. Over the years, I’ve had more questions than answers about getting distinctive ring to work.


The Mocem unimodem diagnostics command is supported by a number of modem chipsets – see Modem Diagnostics. While this isn’t a modem problem, it is a BIG problem if you haven’t heard about it and routinely keep your system updated with the latest patches. Users who experience loss of Modek.

If you have a system running Windows 95, now is the time to make sure it’s well-tuned and that you’ve got all the security patches and updates from Microsoft’s Windows Update. Unreliable’ is 5 years old this month.

The form is at the bottom of the V. The good news is that the server migration has resulted in my renewed attention to the site: Medic info page updated. The problem can be compounded by Windows caching unresolved domain name lookups: An updated Modem-on-hold applet, version 1. However, none of these services can increase the speed at which your modem sends or receives data to or from the Internet: Premium Access subscribers continue to have ad-free access to all Forum sections.

Show only see all. I’ve also added a v. Agere was incorporated on August 1, as a subsidiary of Lucent Technologies and then spun off on June 1, See Modemsite’s Smartlink page for more information.


Modemsite will continue to provide information and updates!

Stay tuned and thank you! Pulled from a retired system. The list of ISPs supporting V. Interface Card Type see all.

To continue using , please upgrade your browser.

Interoperability problems, with V. This upgrade leaves the older “V. Alex Kemp is moving his excellent site to a new URL – www.

See the Press Release. Smartlink drivers report “driver not compatible with installed modem codec”.

USR :: USR USB Softmodem

There is no Smartlink driver with bit XP, but there is a driver available for download on the Smartlink site.

Because this driver did not undergo the testing normally done with general driver releases, Agere is not making this a general release and it won’t appear at Modemsite.

I also found f.92 Forum56’s archive was too old to be displayed and have corrected that.