Select to disable Wireless Access Control Mode. The default value is Connect an Ethernet cable between your computer and the Wireless Access Point. Client Mode Ad-hoc If set to the Client Ad-hoc mode, this device can work like a wireless station when it is connected to a computer so that the computer can send packets from wired end to wireless interface. Please ask your dealer for technical support. The web-based management utility is provided for easy configuration that your wireless network connection is ensured to be always solid and hassle free.

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What are the default usernames and password for accessing Advantek Networks routers? In the Address box, enter the following: Re-enter the new password for confirmation. Please ask your dealer for technical support. Displays the total number of clients associated to this AP.

Advantek Networks Default Router Login and Password

To delete all the clients from access to this Access Point, just press Delete All without selecting the checkbox. If in a “noisy” network environment, the performance will be decreased. Users may key in a 8 to 63 characters string to set the password or leave it blank, in which the The login screen prompts immediately once you finish setting the account and password. Make sure your wired station is set to the same subnet as the Wireless Access Point, i.


Fragment Threshold RTS Threshold Fragmentation mechanism is used for improving the efficiency when high traffic flows along in the wireless network. The collision will most certainly result in a loss of messages for both stations.

Group Key Life Time Enter the number of seconds that will elapse before the group key change automatically. See the sample application below.

Advantek Networks AWR-1054GR

The number of channels supported depends on the region of this Access Point. Click Browse… if you want to load a pre-saved file, enter the file name with the correct path and then click on Upload. The Short Preamble is intended for applications where minimum overhead and maximum performance is desired. This feature is also useful when users want to bridge networks between buildings where it is impossible to deploy network cable connections between these buildings.

Users can use this feature to build up a large wireless network in a large space like airports, hotels and schools …etc.

The power of excellent engineering. Applied to all your demands.

You can change settings by selecting specific tab described in below. This device complies with Part 15 of the FCC rules. Find your router in the list below to get the specific instructions and settings.

Included on all the pages are also the default settings, such as passwords and IPs so that you can easily access your network and configure it to your needs.

It is case-sensitive and must not exceed 32 characters.

Advantek Networks AWN-APMR Network Router User Manual |

System manager can use the system log to trace when problems occur. When a station starts data transmission with the Access Point, it might not notice that the other station is already using the wireless medium.


Or click Upload to start the upgrade. Click to clear the current setting. If you have made any selection, press Reset will 22 clear all the select mark.

Leaving the user name and password blank will disable the protection. All trademarks and brand names are the property of their respective proprietors. Usually, the best place for the Access Point is at the center of your wireless network, with line of straight to all your wireless stations. When in Client mode, you can select between Ad-Hoc and Infrastructure. Just follow the instructions on the page. If Hex is selected, users will have to enter a 64 characters string. With Open System authentication, a wireless PC can join any network and receive any messages that are not encrypted.

If your system manager assigned you static IP settings, then you will have adgantek enter the advanrek provided.