Of course there is no bass. It can rotate vertically degrees. The touchpad has a When pressed harder the keyboard flexes a bit in the areas above left and right palm rests. A reminder window pops-up every time you start windows, asking you to put in a blank DVD or CD to write all needed recovery information. My experience has been that CPUs that hit degrees celcius on full power tend to get severe hot spots.

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Unlike the Qosmios, the is truly a notebook.

This is a very portable media 512. The drive in question is a GB Seagate Momentus The best place for this laptop to be used is on a desk or table top with little-to no road trips.

But after some uninstalling and reinstalling I had to reinstall Windows 3 times nothing changed, the score was almost the same yes, I tried Omega drivers too. Acer deserves credit for not wasting materials.

Acer Aspire 5112WLMi

This time both palm rests get warm. Wireless networking is handled by the Atheros ARG chip that supports You are able to enjoy hardware video decoding and do some 3D tasks. This is the first drive I have tested that uses perpendicular technology — a new method of cramming even more data onto a 2.

Where this GPU really shines is in 511 area of multimedia. Perhaps AMD has made the decision to compete with Intel on price.


Acer Aspire Review (pics, specs)

The speakers are not branded but they sound pretty good and are definitely loud. This is not cheating, it is smart business. I could not configure any Dell notebook to match all the features of this notebook for a similar price — when close, there was always something significant missing such as DVI scer. Nor do they look synthetic, like seen on some cheap notebooks.

Acer Aspire 5112 Review (pics, specs)

I am happy to say that while the certainly gets warm when plugged in and left on all day, it does not get hot. How well these functions work, and how much of the decoding acdr off-lifted from the CPU is reliant of raw shader performance. The recovery disk worked without any problem, only a few questions were asked at the beginning and after about 1 hour I had notebook up and running.

When looking at the screen not light leakage is noticeable — all screen corners appear to be lit evenly. The DVD drive is quite the opposite, which produces huge amount of noise, especially if a poor quality disk is used. In my usage this notebook felt snappy.

It can rotate vertically degrees. Armed with a low price, a spec sheet that seemed too good to be true, build quality that impressed me in the store and an intriguingly large removable panel on the bottom of the unit the looks like a perfect mid-range notebook on paper.


This affects performance positively, too. A simple synaptics touch pad is featured on the A simple application acsr using the cam is included, and Skype detected the camera immediately for video conferencing. Acer outfits the with a mAh 6-cell battery. The uses a TL version of the chip running at 1.

Maybe score would increase by — but not more. During my DVD testing I tried the headphone output and was very happy with the sound quality. These work great and continue to get better each year and include eLock, ePerformance system optimizereRecovery craete restore diskseSettings, ePower enhanced power managementePresentation, eDataSecurity. There are no deal breakers here. The screen has a nice piano-black border surrounding it, which is in harmony with glossy screen especially when the screen is black or turned off and shiny and reflective itself.

The iconic Acer curved “smile” keyboard is gone view large image.

Sitting next to a Toshiba Qosmio G30 and F20, the Acer screen is not as bright and the viewing angle is not quite as good.