It does not have a specific high-level protocol which means that there is almost no overhead. If it is non-zero, then the slave will stop transmitting bytes at the specified limit and subsequent bytes received by the master will be 0xff due to the bus pull-up resistors. The Aardvark DLL is designed for single-threaded environments so as to allow for maximum cross-platform compatibility. Next, call the polling function with a 0 timeout. This function is recommended for use in simple applications where extended information is not required.

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Neither OEM adapter provides slave capabilities. Please note that these steps will make the entire USB filesystem world writable.

If the slave has fewer bytes to transmit than the number requested by the master, the slave will simply stop transmitting and the master will receive 0xff for each remaining byte in the transmission. Discount applied at checkout.

These are a bit-mask of the following values.

Total Phase Aardvark I2C/SPI Host Adapter

The requested bitrate has most likely been set by the Aardvark device, but the response was lost. The reception of bytes by the Aardvark slave, when it is configured as an I 2 C slave, is asynchronous with respect to the PC host software.

Otherwise there will be a memory access violation in the program. Where appropriate, compare the language binding versions e. The messages will be held until the appropriate API function is called. Hence, there could be multiple responses queued up from previous write transactions.


I 2 C slave write stats are available. This function may be executed in any operation mode. For more information on what data is contained in the cookies, please see our Privacy Policy page.

Leave a comment Category – SupportTutorials. It is a zero-based number. See the comments in aardvark.

Install the Total Phase Aardvark I2C/SPI Interface Support Package – MATLAB & Simulink

The bus lock timeout is measured between events on the I 2 C bus, where an event is a start condition, the completion of 9bits of data transfer, a repeated start condition, or a stop condition. If the Aardvark adapter is aarrdvark to an I 2 C bus that also includes pull-up resistors, the total pull-up current could be potentially larger.

If there are more devices than the array size as specified by nelemonly the first nelem port numbers will be written into the array. Write a stream of bytes to the I 2 C slave device. Write a stream of bytes to the downstream SPI slave device and read back the full-duplex aarxvark.

If the timeout expires, this function will return the current state of the GPIO lines. The quoted bitrates are only achievable within each individual byte and does not extend across bytes. An integer value, organized as a bitmask in aardvarm fashion described by AardvarkGpioBits.

Aardvark I2C/SPI Host Adapter

Each element of the array is written with the port number. That byte was dropped. This is due to operating system issues and the full-duplex nature of the SPI signaling. If the DLL is replaced, the application simply loads the new one, thereby aardvaro all of the improvements present in the replaced DLL.


Aardvark I2C/SPI Host Adapter User Manual – Total Phase

The data frame is described by two parameters: Consequently, any SPI slave target to which the Aardvark adapter is interfaced must have asrdvark pull-up resistor on its slave select line, preventing fluttering of the voltage when the Aardvark adapter stops driving the signal.

The low cost makes it affordable for a company to provide every developer with their own interface. Call the appropriate service function once for each type of data that is available.

In the worst case scenario, a corruption can cause the Aardvark adapter to be locked until a subsequent clean update is executed. A line’s bit position in the mask will be 0 if it is configured as an output or if it corresponds to a subsystem that is still active.