APM Remote freezes when taking Photo is the attachment path not defined. Import Process failed while synchronizing remote. Stack Overflow works best with JavaScript enabled. The usual problem is that an Internet DNS is being queried before the local one. If you cannot immediately upgrade to a newer version but have to maximize network performance, we recommend that you follow these steps on all the affected servers: Synchronization time out error.

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What hotfix is applied on my APM Installation.

sqlstate = 08S01 [microsoft][odbc sqlserver]communication link failure – TechRepublic

Is Internet Explorer 11 Supported? Erico Galdino Almeida Posted 13 years ago JohnnyDBA Posted 6 years ago I’ve seen this behavior with deadlocking transactions.

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All users including administratorss, access via Smart client and Thick Client, cannot access system as it is Locked for Customizations.

Application Server reports as stale to Server Manager. I believe I solved the problem here!!!


Frequent odbc communication link failure

By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. Any pointers as to how I can resolve this? APM Views have disappeared.

Regards, Erico Galdino Almeida. How could this happen? Agree with the above comments the problems seems to be that the client loses cnectivity to the server.

I found some information and got in touch with the Network guys here. From the googling and reading I have done on this topic, it seems to me that this might simply be a bug in MS Access that they’ve never bothered to fix, ie: You can’t edit your own events.

Xerver not login to the database with the username. The network guys here didn’t help much, they told me everything was fine, no security issue between the two computers in the different networks. The specified network name is no longer available. You can’t post IFCode. Asset Prioritization Analysis has been deleted.

Smart client immediately fails to start-up due to corrupted client. That is what you are going to have to look at to find a solution here as you have the full version of SQL and I’m taking it that you have the right version of the 08a01 end program to run on so you need to look at what changes where implemented before it broke the application that you are running.


You can’t vote in polls. High network latency results in poor 080s1 experience and apparent hangs. Providing scripts to by-pass business logic for Invoicing against a PO. You can’t post new topics.

The connection is established through a 10 gigabits per second Gbps Ethernet adapter. Currently, there are no known issues. ODC Cumulative indicator do not accept rollover values automatically. At exactly the same time as the servsr of the SAN drive paths happened, the application event log listed a number of ID, all pointing to a network connectivity issue: Regards, Erico Galdino Almeida Using add employee from a Schedule Requirement adds all of the employee’s time to the requirement.